The reader’s website Wattpad has been the testing and training ground for my writing. For the past few years I have been posting short stories and book-length stories and now have over 10.7K followers and over 2.4 million reads. One of my stories consistently reached no 1 in its genre charts.

It’s on Wattpad that I have honed my voice and style and reached a dedicated young audience who I have been able to get to know. I love to write about girls who are in the process of discovering their true selves and who lead us through stories of heroic proportions.


I’ve received over 5.6K comments on my Wattpad stories, here are just a few:

“I feel if this were in fact made into a movie, the movie would disappoint me. Nothing could surpass the riveting beauty of this book.”

“Actually my favourite book I’ve read on Wattpad.”

“This was probably one of the most perfect stories I have ever read!! So many feels, so much anticipation… Will DEFINITELY be recommending this story to ALL my friends and will probably be talking about it to everybody! simply perfect :)”

“Your writing is magnificent and the story line is great.”

“Absolutely absorbing, I want to buy the book and sequels.”

“This book has been so amazing to read. It has kept me up at night, and left me waking up wanting more. Definitely the best book on Wattpad.”

“This story is just breathtaking! It’s filled with ups and downs and is simply a roller coaster of events.”


In February 2014 my poem ‘Queen of the Gannets’ was published as part of a collection of poetry and illustrations edited by Alistair Cook called Skybound which was part of the North Light Arts Festival in Scotland.


In 2013 I was also chosen to be part of the Cupar Arts Festival where I collaborated with artist Rosie Lesso in a one-off book project whose theme was Fate. I have also contributed to various art magazines and was published as a part of New Work Scotland in 2005.

In 2015 I was commissioned by the TV network ‘USA Network’ who produce such shows as Heroes and Homeland to write a short story on Wattpad as part of their campaign to launch a new TV show called DIG.