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Podcast Chat

Today I spoke with the amazing, the wonderful, the unstoppable Mr Wayne Clingman on his podcast channel ‘Indy Film Wisconsin’. I’ve spoken to Wayne a few times before and it is always a pleasure. We discussed writing, wattpad, publishing, readers, haters, books, publishing, inspiration, Wayne’s new rabbits & more. Please feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea, curl up and listen!


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I went on a walk with my family last week alongside a bundle of bubbling waterfalls amongst golden trees whose leaves were falling to the ground. It was raining. But that didn’t put me off. Robert Burns sat by the same waterfalls a few hundred years ago and was famously inspired to write a poem about them. I find trees and water and leaves and all that stuff inspiring too. Not really the trees themselves – like I wouldn’t write a poem about them or anything, it’s more about the space to breathe and create I think, the newness and beauty of the surroundings. Really I find some of the best inspiration in the things that are less than beautiful. Upsets, puzzles, frustrations, injustices – my own and those of others. I like it because I often find a peace about those things and a viewpoint about them actually within my work.

I’m very interested to know what other people find inspiring. If you are a writer what fuels you? Also as a reader – what did you read that inspired some action in your life?

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My husband loves cameras. He loves photos, he loves bits that go on cameras and he loves unfathomable technical facts about cameras. Fact. He and his Dad (who also loves cameras) give each other strange, expensive bits of camera equipment to each other every Christmas whilst the rest of the family go – what’s that?

Secretly I love my husband’s passion for all things photographic but please do not let him know I said this as he may use it to bribe me into getting him more cameras. He is a master at this passion and to watch him work is really a pleasure, you can see some of his work right here.

Last weekend we went for an evening photo shoot to a forest and beach, the kind of forest and beach that can only be found in Scotland. Fresh, temperamental and a little bit magic. The sky was fogged filled and the light was just right. Thought I would post a few of the photos here for you to enjoy.





Poetry in ‘Skybound’ Collection

Hello people,

I am happy to present here a book of poems collected by artist Rosie Lesso called Skybound. My poem ‘Queen of the Gannets’ is part of the collection. The book is edited by the great Alistair Cook and contains a selection of beautiful poems and illustrations.