Hello people!

Here is the next installment of the book ANIMAL which I am developing on the website wattpad. It can be read for free as I write it.

I saw the movie ‘Saving Mr Banks’ last night which is all about how the writer P.L. Travers is convinced by Walt Disney to give the rights to her book to be made into a film – Mary Poppins. Mrs Travers is not only English, in the most English of ways (constant complaining and ‘pots of tea’) she is also almost impossible for the film studio people to work with.

I can understand the feelings of protectiveness of her story. There’s a particular way in which a writer sees their work. But at the same time, a piece of writing doesn’t just belong to the writer – once it is written I believe it then belongs to the reader – for them to enjoy and do with what they will.

Mrs Travers goes through a lot but kind of learns this and even enjoys the ‘crass’ surroundings of Los Angeles. It is a great film, highly recommended to writers, readers and film-lovers everywhere!

Incidentally here is an interesting interview with the scriptwriter for the film (which is outstandingly good!)