Alana’s Mistake

Hi guys,

I just want to let you all know that I am writing a brand new story on Wattpad!

It is a thriller, no less, and a sexy one at that : ) If you liked Gone Girl or Fatal Attraction then you may well love this story.

Please read!

A young, happily married woman has a one-time affair with 
a man who refuses to allow it to end and becomes 
obsessed with her. 

Alana is 22 years old, but she got married at 
16 to her husband Noah, father of her sweet 
little girl Snow. Because they got married so 
young Alana sometimes wonders if she missed 
out on all the fun her friends seemed 
to be having. Noah is the only man she has ever 
really known, that is until she meets 
musician Elias Smith. 

Alana and Elias end up spending a reckless, 
wild weekend together. When it is over Alana 
wants to forget the whole thing and 
return to life with her family. 

But Elias has other ideas. 
He doesn't want it to end. Not when Alana is 
the one woman who has ever made him feel 
something. Elias wants Alana for his own, 
and he will stop at nothing to get her.


Lancashire, Oh Lancashire!

I am featured in an article in the “Lancashire Telegraph” today talking about my wattpad experience and the fact that I am currently searching for an agent to represent my new manuscript.

Lancashire is my home county in England the place where I grew up and blossomed into the adult you see before you today. In case you didn’t know Lancashire is famous for hot pot, flat caps and pigeons (see below).

Check out the article here (“Young Mum” cringe, more like “slightly above average age Mum”).

flat cap
hot pot



Manuscript. Done.

My manuscript is finished. Monumental! This version began a year and three months ago although the initial concept and experiments on wattpad that followed began three years ago. A big project. This manuscript has never been seen by ANYONE except me so it is exciting and nerve-wracking to be finally letting it out of my hands.

I am looking for representation for this book and so the search is on for an amazing literary agent.

YA author seeks kickass lit agent

for tea drinking, deal making &

creation of beautiful relationship.



Celebrating with cuppa of course
Celebrating with cuppa of course

Podcast Chat

Today I spoke with the amazing, the wonderful, the unstoppable Mr Wayne Clingman on his podcast channel ‘Indy Film Wisconsin’. I’ve spoken to Wayne a few times before and it is always a pleasure. We discussed writing, wattpad, publishing, readers, haters, books, publishing, inspiration, Wayne’s new rabbits & more. Please feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea, curl up and listen!


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End of the Beginning

Hello people!

News just in… The first draft of ‘Animal’ is now officially finished! Yey woopeedoo!

I have been faithfully uploading chapters every Monday for over a year and now the final chapter has been uploaded. It has been an incredible adventure and I was a bit sad when I posted the final words. However as with all good sagas, this story is far from done. In fact I like to call it the ‘end of the beginning’. Alas, this is a first draft, meaning – there are more drafts to go!

And let me tell you for the last three months I have been working on a most awesome re-write of this story. From my wattpad experiences I was able to know that the central idea is well loved by readers. So that gives me a huge starting point. And great characters sprung up from this ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ style of uploading a story. And yet – me being a planning sort of an author – I am now using this first draft as more like a springboard for a much more complex, advanced and developed final version.

This re-write is taking place in the coming months and I really can not wait for the end result as the whole thing excites me just to think of it! At that point I will be seeking official representation for my beloved ‘Animal’. Plus of course – not to forget – this is the first in the TRILOGY – yes, that’s right – there are two more books to go. So as you can see this really is the end of the beginning and the start of a lot more to come.

In total, to date (it continues to rise by the minute) there have been 691,939 reads, 19,429 votes and 2,910 comments on ‘Animal’

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(a few images that evoke the feeling of the book, see more here on my Pinterest board)