He’s so cool!

I just wanted to show off about my super cool husband Matt Brown. He is an incredible photographer, his art is just getting better and better. Here are two images that were published in VOGUE last week. He’s just so cool! *fangirling*


image1-1 image2-1



My husband loves cameras. He loves photos, he loves bits that go on cameras and he loves unfathomable technical facts about cameras. Fact. He and his Dad (who also loves cameras) give each other strange, expensive bits of camera equipment to each other every Christmas whilst the rest of the family go – what’s that?

Secretly I love my husband’s passion for all things photographic but please do not let him know I said this as he may use it to bribe me into getting him more cameras. He is a master at this passion and to watch him work is really a pleasure, you can see some of his work right here.

Last weekend we went for an evening photo shoot to a forest and beach, the kind of forest and beach that can only be found in Scotland. Fresh, temperamental and a little bit magic. The sky was fogged filled and the light was just right. Thought I would post a few of the photos here for you to enjoy.