Best Writing Buddies

I have two teenage rabbits called Peachy and Buttons, the two most adorable animals that ever lived. Quite contradictory little creatures: gentle yet naughty, quiet yet terrorising. Sweet and small yet able to decimate entire areas. Can’t wait to get them spayed, that’s supposed to settle it all down. They do make great writing companions though, even learning to jump up next to me whilst I work. Today whilst I wrote the new chapter for my book they were settling down for a wee stroke. Cute.

Terrorising double team
Terrorising double team


Last week my husband and I attended the Scottish Adventure Awards in Glasgow. We are both homebodies that prefer watching TV box sets with our bunnies running around our feet than flouncing around town however this particular awards evening we didn’t want to miss as it consisted of all the most adventurous people in Scotland under one roof.

Sure enough whilst there we met a guy who swam the entire circumference of the United Kingdom, another man who had just come back from an encounter with six lions and a partially blind guy who had climbed a mountain alone. My husband is the one into all the actual real life adventure stuff for instance, he was hanging off the side of a cliff filming a model in an evening gown last week.

I’m not really one for dangling from ropes or deep sea diving however I do love a bit of adventure in writing. The story I am developing on wattpad is currently becoming increasingly adventurous and my heroine is getting up to the kinds of things I would love to do. My theory is if I can’t do it in real life write about it and in many ways that is almost as good, and probably just as time consuming and hard work at times!


the guy with the yellow helmet? I'm married to him.
the guy with the yellow helmet? That’s my crazy husband.

Cake & Fate

Hello people,

I just wanted to give an unashamed plug for the book I am developing amongst my young followers on wattpad. Have you ever wondered what your inner animal would be? If so you may well be just the kind of weirdo that would enjoy this book.

I also wanted to let you know that soon I will have photos of the amazing, single edition book that artist Rosie Lesso and I published for inclusion in last year’s Cupar Arts Festival. It was part of the festival for a few weeks last summer and revolved around the subject of ‘Fate’.

I wrote the words, Rosie drew the (incredible) drawings. I met up with Rosie last week who has just had a baby – both were looking well and we all shared a much needed cup of tea and slice of cake.

Fate is a great subject to spend endless hours musing on and arguing about. To cut a long story into a bloggable one – I think fate belongs to us, not the gods, not the planets nor the stars. Recently I have been chipping away at my own destiny and hope to have some great news on that soon. It is time for me to really grab this writing thing by the horns and wrestle it to the ground, making it my minion rather than let it ‘trash talk’ me, spluttering on about how incredibly competitive and impossible it all is.

It’s challenging for sure but I always was a competitive little monster.

Thank you for reading through to the end of this most random post.

Adios for now!

G xxx


Hello people!

Here is the next installment of the book ANIMAL which I am developing on the website wattpad. It can be read for free as I write it.

I saw the movie ‘Saving Mr Banks’ last night which is all about how the writer P.L. Travers is convinced by Walt Disney to give the rights to her book to be made into a film – Mary Poppins. Mrs Travers is not only English, in the most English of ways (constant complaining and ‘pots of tea’) she is also almost impossible for the film studio people to work with.

I can understand the feelings of protectiveness of her story. There’s a particular way in which a writer sees their work. But at the same time, a piece of writing doesn’t just belong to the writer – once it is written I believe it then belongs to the reader – for them to enjoy and do with what they will.

Mrs Travers goes through a lot but kind of learns this and even enjoys the ‘crass’ surroundings of Los Angeles. It is a great film, highly recommended to writers, readers and film-lovers everywhere!

Incidentally here is an interesting interview with the scriptwriter for the film (which is outstandingly good!)


Monday Treat!

Hello guys, guess what? Mondays never need to be dull, dreadful days ever again! Well not for a few weeks at least because I am committed to posting a new chapter of ANIMAL every Monday until the entire story is done! Read Chapter 9 for free here: