Location, Location

I wrote a new short story. It is available on wattpad only and was specially commissioned by USA Network as part of their campaign to launch a new TV show called DIG. I was pretty excited when I was asked to do this as USA Network produce some of my all-time favourite TV shows such as Heroes, Homeland and Suits. The show is an international mystery and inspired by this a new character sprung up in my mind named Elisa Hartwood – a 16 year old super geek who studies at Cambridge, a gifted puzzle solver, who is called upon to help solve some of the most high profile, hush-hush cases. You can read the story here.

Poisoned LordThe location needed to be international. Usually when I think international I think New York because for me there is hardly any better location for any story than New York – I just kind of think that. It’s probably energy, the variety, the scale of it all. This time however I wanted somewhere different and so my mind turned to Venice which is a place I lived during the spring of 2000 – fifteen years ago back when I was a little 19 year old duckling! You can see me in some of the film camera photos I took back then!

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