Podcast Chat

Today I spoke with the amazing, the wonderful, the unstoppable Mr Wayne Clingman on his podcast channel ‘Indy Film Wisconsin’. I’ve spoken to Wayne a few times before and it is always a pleasure. We discussed writing, wattpad, publishing, readers, haters, books, publishing, inspiration, Wayne’s new rabbits & more. Please feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea, curl up and listen! http://tinyurl.com/ndzwdxr


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I Love Libraries

Libraries are my favorite places. As a youngster I was more than happy to spend days within them pouring over the pages, eating up the words whilst visiting a thousand places and making hundreds of new friends all while sitting in a council owned chair in Lancashire.

I’ve noticed that writers always say this kind of thing when they talk about libraries and sometimes I wonder if we in fact are a slightly different species that originate from a planet covered in books, comfy chairs and reading lamps with cups of tea everywhere. That would be an amazing planet.

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