Big Dreams & What To Do With Them

Welcome to the very first Supergirl Interview where we ask kickass ladies from across the world to reveal what advise they would give to their teenage self if for some reason they were able to do that.

Hello Jo!

Introducing Jo Fraser, my long time friend and fellow dreamer. Jo is 29 years old, Mother to two gorgeous children and one of the most creative people I know. This chick is an event producer best known as the Co-Founder of the Scottish Chocolate Festival which is the biggest chocolate festival in the country which has attracted over 100,000 people to turn up and get their chocolate on.

actual chocolate from the actual chocolate festival, nom nom!

Jo can clearly dream big and make it happen – but for her, like most girls who grow up to be super, it wasn’t always like this and those teenage years were a rough haul. We talk about the subject of dreams. What are they? What does it mean to follow them? In discussions with my young readers this subject often comes up and I think it is time to pick Jo’s brain and see how she got through to the other side.

yeah but, how?

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