Living Free of “What Will They Think of Me?”

This is the second Supergirl Interview where we ask kickass ladies from across the world how they survived those troublesome teenage years and what advise they now have for the next generation of amazing young ladies.

Bayou Bennett. Total Supergirl.

We have someone very special today, someone I have known for a few years and who always stands out as a most creative, inspirational person. Bayou Bennett. Award winning writer and film director, Bayou creates films with her husband Daniel Lir and together they form the husband-wife duo ‘Dream Team Directors’ working with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Bayou Bennett and Matt Bennett
Directing Matt Bennett in short film “Text Me”

Bayou and I talk about the subject of ‘being judged’. A terrible subject for many teens and many people in general for that matter! We tackle the question of whether it is possible to live free of that thought: ‘But what will others think of me?’ It’s about time we found out how Bayou, despite the pitfalls of teenagehood, managed to remain true to her heart and stay faithful to her own self.


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