Supergirl Interview: Emma Brumpton, Adventurer, Broadcast Producer

Emma Brumpton has followed her dreams and made them come true. She is a broadcast producer and has travelled the world. 122 countries out of a possible 194!

She has filmed with Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Travolta, Richard Branson and Seal. I ask her what advice she would give to her teenage self.


  1. Don’t worry! It will all turn out ok in the end.
  2. Make the choices that are right for you. Don’t be pressurised into doing something someone else wants you to.
  3. Travel, travel, travel. There’s a whole world out there to learn from.




Big Dreams & What To Do With Them

Welcome to the very first Supergirl Interview where we ask kickass ladies from across the world to reveal what advise they would give to their teenage self if for some reason they were able to do that.

Hello Jo!

Introducing Jo Fraser, my long time friend and fellow dreamer. Jo is 29 years old, Mother to two gorgeous children and one of the most creative people I know. This chick is an event producer best known as the Co-Founder of the Scottish Chocolate Festival which is the biggest chocolate festival in the country which has attracted over 100,000 people to turn up and get their chocolate on.

actual chocolate from the actual chocolate festival, nom nom!

Jo can clearly dream big and make it happen – but for her, like most girls who grow up to be super, it wasn’t always like this and those teenage years were a rough haul. We talk about the subject of dreams. What are they? What does it mean to follow them? In discussions with my young readers this subject often comes up and I think it is time to pick Jo’s brain and see how she got through to the other side.

yeah but, how?

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Ladies that kick ass

I love ladies that kick ass! I’m almost as intent on it as Quentin Tarantino and look what he’s come up with. It all started in the summer of 1993 when I was 12 years old living in a small town in Lancashire and hanging out on a constant basis with a great friend with blonde curls and a fantastic sense of the ridiculous. Together we would make up the silliest funniest characters such as rainbow coloured bickering carrots and we called ourselves ‘longheads’ due to the feeling that we both had foreheads that are too big.

Batgirl - my fav comic book character
Batgirl – my fav comic book character

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End of the Beginning

Hello people!

News just in… The first draft of ‘Animal’ is now officially finished! Yey woopeedoo!

I have been faithfully uploading chapters every Monday for over a year and now the final chapter has been uploaded. It has been an incredible adventure and I was a bit sad when I posted the final words. However as with all good sagas, this story is far from done. In fact I like to call it the ‘end of the beginning’. Alas, this is a first draft, meaning – there are more drafts to go!

And let me tell you for the last three months I have been working on a most awesome re-write of this story. From my wattpad experiences I was able to know that the central idea is well loved by readers. So that gives me a huge starting point. And great characters sprung up from this ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ style of uploading a story. And yet – me being a planning sort of an author – I am now using this first draft as more like a springboard for a much more complex, advanced and developed final version.

This re-write is taking place in the coming months and I really can not wait for the end result as the whole thing excites me just to think of it! At that point I will be seeking official representation for my beloved ‘Animal’. Plus of course – not to forget – this is the first in the TRILOGY – yes, that’s right – there are two more books to go. So as you can see this really is the end of the beginning and the start of a lot more to come.

In total, to date (it continues to rise by the minute) there have been 691,939 reads, 19,429 votes and 2,910 comments on ‘Animal’

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(a few images that evoke the feeling of the book, see more here on my Pinterest board)



My husband loves cameras. He loves photos, he loves bits that go on cameras and he loves unfathomable technical facts about cameras. Fact. He and his Dad (who also loves cameras) give each other strange, expensive bits of camera equipment to each other every Christmas whilst the rest of the family go – what’s that?

Secretly I love my husband’s passion for all things photographic but please do not let him know I said this as he may use it to bribe me into getting him more cameras. He is a master at this passion and to watch him work is really a pleasure, you can see some of his work right here.

Last weekend we went for an evening photo shoot to a forest and beach, the kind of forest and beach that can only be found in Scotland. Fresh, temperamental and a little bit magic. The sky was fogged filled and the light was just right. Thought I would post a few of the photos here for you to enjoy.