Top 5 Nasty Ladies

Everyone loves an evil female character, right? I do! Whether it’s uber glam wrong-doing or just plain old nasty stuff… I’m loving it. Along with my fellow awesome writer E.Latimer, we both decided to compile our top 5 female villains list. Here is mine. To see Erin’s please go here.

1. Cersei Lannister, Song of Ice and Fire Series

She is one of the best female dirty-doers I’ve read in years! She’s immoral and bad on so many levels… She sleeps with her brother and her cousin, she’s ordered the murders of thousands, she’s cold-blooded, icky and power mad. But then, on the other hand she’s also creepily relatable – she’s very much a woman in a man’s world and why should her brothers get all the power whilst she gets married off to an overweight boar-hunter? And she loves nothing more than her ‘sweet’ children… Who would begrudge her that? Cersei is world class female villainy at its best.

look at that pout!
look at that pout!

2. Annie Wilkes, Misery

This bad girl has none of the glamour of Cersei, but all of the devilishness, and more. She is a full on creep fest of a character. The one person you do not want to meet if you’ve had an accident and there is no one else around to take care of you. The scene where she clubs her captive, Paul Sheldon’s feet still haunts me to this day. A terrible and brilliant example of a ‘fangirl’ gone horrendously wrong.

I dread to to think what she is about to do with that thing in her hand.
I dread to to think what she is about to do with that thing in her hand

3. Amy Dunne, Gone Girl

This girl is nuts. Utterly nuts. She starts off perfectly acceptable. Your average over-educated middle-class gal married to a ok kind of a guy. But then things start to get weird. Then more weird. Until we find ourselves in a gloopy, sickening soup of insanity. Her husband is something of a useless dufass. But does he deserve the ‘Amy Dunne’ treatment? No living soul deserves that, surely? This character is unapologetically calculated and a shuddering example of female aggression gone haywire.

clearly plotting something dreadful
clearly plotting something dreadful

4. Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

One of my favourite comic book characters, and the best thing in Suicide Squad, I believe. She is also unhinged to a worry degree, following her ‘transformation’ from uber-brainy psychiatrist to nutbags superhero after she falls in love with the Joker and begins the most dysfunctional relationship imaginable. Harley Quinn may have the coolest look and be cute as a button but she is notably, the wildest, craziest and most violent of the whole gang.


evil but cool.
making evil look good

5. Alex Forrest, Fatal Attraction

This is some serious 1980s crazy lady stuff. Played by Glen Close at her best, Alex Forrest has a brief fling with a married man and then, as he backs away she is having none of it. She will not, not, not leave it alone… Until she has grown into a nightmarish jilted woman who has wreaked havoc and done some extremely wrong things by the end of the film (this is where the phrase ‘bunny-boiler’ comes from. Eek).


listening, waiting for evil opportunities
Not a good lady to have outside your bedroom door.

To me, all this begs the question: are these characters just exaggerated, larger than life people that belong only in fiction? Not the sort we would ever actually meet in life?

It might seem that way, but the fascinating thing is that all of these characters are so brilliant, I think, because they are examples of truths that have been compounded and distilled into creative works.

Cersie Lannister is a protective mother and a disregarded daughter… Annie Wilkes is a fangirl who really, really loves her favourite writer… Amy Dunne is a disgruntled wife, sick of being ignored and cheated on by her negligent husband… Harley Quinn is a woman in love, obsessive love… And Alex Forrest is an ex-lover, resentful and vengeful towards the guy who dumped her…

It all sounds a bit too familiar, right?

Be sure to check out E.Latimer’s list here!










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