To Mothers Everywhere

To Mothers everywhere,

If anyone ever made you feel like you are “just a Mum” they are wrong. Your role is not one to be taken for granted or devalued or discounted. Ever.

Because women have been Mothers since humanity began does not make it any less valuable.

Because we carry out our duties without fail every single day does not make us any less essential.

Because we will never stop being there and doing what we do does not make us any less needed.

And because we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into when we started does not make it any less worthy.

Now we know what we signed up for, and we continue.

I’ve seen articles trying to put an imagined salary on Motherhood, attempting to account for the ‘hours of unpaid work’ involved.

How could a price be put on what we do? Any price? If any one of us stopped, even for a day, the consequences could be so disastrous as to be unthinkable.

What we have done and what we continue to do is priceless. It’s worth all the gold in the world. Without Mothers – of all shapes and sizes, beliefs and nationalities – where would our families be? Our societies?

As such we must, just the same as any decent executive or successful entrepreneur, command respect. Demand help when we need it and carve out our precious and pivotal position in the world.

With Love,

G.S. xxx



photo cred: Huffington Post
photo cred: Huffington Post

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2 thoughts on “To Mothers Everywhere

  1. This is awesome and so very true. No mother should be labelled as just a mum. More like, ‘just’ a badass female doing her thing! X

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