Rambling into microphones

I’ve been doing a few press interviews lately which has been quite fun. Its quite a strange thing to have to suddenly talk to other people about my writing. I get so used to planning and writing it all out in my little bubble, complete with a sky view that I can stare at quietly alongside plenty cups of tea – alone at my desk – with my husband cruelly silenced in the other room.

Suddenly injecting other people into the scene, especially ones with microphones asking questions, well, its a whole new ball game. Just a few days ago I went down to East Coast FM which is my local radio station. I had literally called them the day before to tentatively ask if they would like to talk to a local writer – the guy who answered Jim Anderson was actually on air at the time (albeit on a music break) and he told me straight off that I should come down. I suspect he was quite desperate for guests but nevertheless I dutifully showed up for 10am, as requested.

The station broadcasts from a lovely local market town called Haddington which I always enjoy visiting. Once there they plied me with cups of tea and we chatted about all sorts of things. A wee while later I was thrust on air behind a big microphone (why are microphones so terrifying?) being asked lots of questions about Dovetail Diaries and my life as a writer. It was actually fun, to be able to talk to this friendly radio host and pretend no one else was there. Of course, I made sure I gave a hearty shout out to my Mum and my friend Fran. I knew I had at least two people listening. Saying that I found out later my Mum had actually tuned out thinking the interview was done by that point, oh dear.

I was also interviewed for a very cool blog last week which is devoted to music and fashion. I got to ramble on here about my music taste, even listing out 5 songs I would recommend to go with each of my books. Funnily enough also on the radio they asked me which songs I would like to play during the intervals of the interview. We ended up with Muse’s Hysteria, Phil Collins In the Air Tonight and a song by David Bowie. I thought that was pretty cool for a community morning show, hopefully it woke up all the local Grannies.

Read the interview on ‘The Juliet Blog’ HERE

object of terror
object of terror – from http://inevitablesarcasm.tumblr.com/