New Decisions

It never really occurred to me that I should self publish my writing. To me, self publishing had always presented itself as a bit of an an icky thing. In my day self publishing was heavily associated with failure, gathering to it such demeaning terms as ‘vanity publishing’. I think it is for this reason I always scorned the mere mention of it.

When friends would suggest I just get my writing out there and sell it myself I would nod politely, thinking inwardly – never! My husband suggested it a few years ago and I just responded with a shake of the head. My traditional English Literature university education just wouldn’t hear of such a thing.

However for some reason, probably because I illogically thought of it as something completely different to self publishing, after a bit of soul searching I was quite happy to publish my writing for free on a site called wattpad. This I do not regret. Wattpad has allowed me to develop my story with real life readers all along the way. I’ve had communication with the very people I am writing the book for and it has encouraged me to get the book done and I love that process.

For some unknown reason, most likely out of sheer necessity to earn my own way, this last week it has dawned on me that I need to publish my writing – now. Really, it was something my husband said about what he has done with his life – found something he loves and found a way to make a living out of it. I also began to think, isn’t that what Virginia Woolf did? Publish her own books? There’s no sane reason to wait anymore – apart from the fact that the novel isn’t complete yet! – but it will be and once it is – I will be uploading to Amazon Kindle.

We’re no longer in the same world I came from. Hell knows it’s a different world than it was this time last year in the publishing world. I have no idea what will happen and I’m sure it will take a creative attitude to let people know about my writing but I’m a convert and I’m going to embrace this self publishing thing with both arms.