My First Music Video

I just returned to Scotland after a few days in deepest Sussex, England. Whilst there I directed my first music video. I’m a writer first and foremost and always have been but my husband is a film-maker, primarily a cinematographer. We love to work together and so when he asked me to come up with a concept for the video I went for it. I also knew who were we making the video for – the beautiful singer-songwriter Catherine Kubillus. I heard the song and I knew it would work.

Once I had come up with the concept I realised I would prefer to see the idea come out as I had intended, so I decided to also direct. That’s how it all came about. As it turns out, I loved the whole experience. Really it was just like writing, except with lots more people and lots more equipment. As each other person gets involved they bring their own layer of creation and complexity to the whole thing. It was incredible to see the idea come to life in front of me. When I saw the first shot of the day – crisp and gorgeous, full of life – it was an unforgettable feeling.

It can be lonely sometimes, as a writer, so it was a pleasure to be with this team, all working to make it happen – together we really accomplished something. There were five different scenes, three locations, five costume, make-up and hair changes, all in the space of 18 hours. Catherine could not have been more courageous! I’ll let you know when the video is ready which will be very soon.

Here’s a sneak preview photograph from the shoot: