My Cup

It’s nearly midnight but I just want to tell you about my cup. I got it last week and it’s really turning out to be a great cup. It’s both beautiful and obscene. In a gorgeous blue design, like you might find on your Granny’s favorite cup, there is a scene from the streets of Edinburgh. On one side there’s a pair of young men one of whom is peeing onto Greyfriars Bobby, the famous statue of a little dog who didn’t leave his owner’s side.

There are various other bums and junkies included across the cup. Is Edinburgh really like this? Well, maybe, a bit yeah. Really I’m just thrilled to have a cup which truly is that great and interesting. It now follows me about the house, constantly filled with herbals teas of all varieties, often sitting by the laptop as I sit down to write. Here’s a wee picture of the cup: